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Morgan Chaffin

Morgan Chaffin

Date of Birth: March 13, 1983
Hometown: Norfolk, Nebraska
Current Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Sport Category: Professional Triathlete

Morgan Chaffin is currently ranked 2nd in the United States in the 30-34 female age group for triathlon. She recently won Alaskaman, the most extreme long distance triathlon in North America. She resides in Omaha, Nebraska where she teaches in the School of Health and Kinesiology at the University of Nebraska Omaha, coaches triathletes, and is the masters swim coach for Lifetime Fitness.

Morgan grew up in Northeast Nebraska playing tennis and golf and was considered overweight until her junior year in high school. Additionally she smoked cigarettes and had the nickname, "Chimney Chaffin". The major lifestyle turning point for her was losing her father and best friend at the young age of 45. He suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and the bleeding was unstoppable. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing she had ever experienced. She then turned to exercise and health as a way of coping with his loss. She started walking around a nearby lake and soon that turned into running and from that point on she started to take exercise and living a healthy lifestyle seriously.

Morgan will be racing as a professional triathlete in 2018. She hopes to compete in two extreme long distance triathlon events, two to three half ironman triathlons and a few local events. Her goal is to repeat her win in Alaska and to compete in the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon next season.



  • Ironman Chattanooga (144.6): First overall AG in 30-34, 2nd fastest swim for AG/Pro females, fastest AG bike split (10:34)
  • Wildloop Life Triathlon, Custer State Park,SD (70.3): First overall female: fastest swim female/male, fastest bike, fastest run. 5:03
  • Trifest for MS-F1 format: 2nd overall female, 2:11, fastest bike split
  • Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon (142 miles): 1st Overall female (course record)/ 6th Overall
    • Most extreme long distance triathlon in North American (10,058 ft of elevation gain)
    • Fastest female bike split
  • Ironman 70.3 Wisconsin Milkman: 2nd AG/4th Overall, 4:50 (fastest female bike split overall)
  • Omaha Women's Triathlon: 1st Overall, 1:10 (fastest swim and bike overall)
  • Kansas City Triathlon - Olympic Distance, 1st OA female, course record (fastest female bike split)
  • Omaha Duathon- 1st OA female, course record (fastest female bike split)
  • Commitment Day- 5K, 1st OA Female


  • Ironman World Championships: 11th out of 88 AG 30-34, 10:31 (fastest female bike split in AG)
  • Boulder Ironman- Kona Qualified: 3rd AG 30-34, 10:37 (fastest female bike split overall, 2nd fastest swim overall)
  • Major League Triathlon- Olympic distance- 1st Overall
  • Souixperman Sprint Triathlon- 1st Overall
  • Trifest for MS
    • Olympic- 2nd Overall
    • Sprint- 1st Overall
    • Super Sprint- 1st Overall
  • Commitment Day 5K: 19:10, 1st Overall female

Notable Races/Personal Best

  • 2016 Trek Up the Tower: 1st Overall Female (5:59)
  • 2015 Annual Swim around Key West (12.5 miles): 2nd Overall Female, 4:47 (1:26/100m pace)
  • 2015 Corporate Cup 10K: 39:12, 1st Overall Female, personal best
  • 2015 Laugh and a Half Marathon: 1:29, 1st Overall Female
  • 2015 3hr Dizzy Goat Trail Race (Schramm Park)- Most logged miles for female- 19.5 miles
  • 2014 Commitment Day 5K PR: 18:45, 1st Overall Female
  • 2012 Illinois Half Marathon PR: 1:27:06
  • 2010 Racine Half Ironman: 1st Overall AG female 4:39 (fastest bike split for AG overall)
  • 2005, 2007, 2008 Nebraska State Time Trial Champion

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