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MiForm Weight Management System

MiForm Weight Management System

The MiForm Weight Management System is designed to offer you long-term solutions. Life can be pretty busy and too often, we don't pay enough attention to important things like health, exercise and nutrition. MiForm not only helps you realize your weight loss goal, it also encourages and educates you to lead a healthier lifestyle once your goal is reached. And that's important.

The first step of the MiForm Weight Management System is to allow you to reach your healthy weight safely. There are three key components to weight management: nutrition, exercise, and motivation.

The MiForm Transformation Plan is easy to follow as you head in the direction of your weight loss goal. After you have followed the plan and achieved your goal, a natural transition to maintain your healthy weight will take place as you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

That's where the MiForm Maintenance Plan comes in. It provides you with a daily nutrition regimen and an exercise program that will help you maintain your healthy weight for years to come.

The MiForm Weight Management System will increase your nutrition and exercise knowledge allowing you to lead a healthier lifestyle, enjoy a better quality of life and live longer. And who wouldn't want that!

Here's What Makes MiForm Different

Developed by a team of experts

We want you to succeed and we offer unparalleled support to help you achieve and maintain your optimal weight. Our ongoing coaching in exercise, motivation and nutrition, will give you tools for a lifetime. Through this process, you will benefit from the best of science and research to ensure a healthy and practical solution. We've assembled a team of experts representing many fields including medical doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and fitness specialists, who have shared their cutting edge strategies so you can not only set your goals, but achieve them!

Calorie confusion

The MiForm Weight Management System is based on the concept of "calorie confusion" where you vary your daily caloric intake to reduce fat and support lean muscle growth. This confuses your metabolism. If your body doesn't know how much food it will receive, your metabolism will not have time to adjust or lay down fat tissue. This calorie confusion will continue as long as your food intake varies daily. MiForm will reprogram your metabolism and get you to your maximum fat burning potential. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Novel and quality ingredients

MiForm Weight Management products contain novel and quality ingredients. Whey is the major protein source in the shakes and bars. The addition of chia seeds in the bars provides you with another "superfood". The natural health products we have included not only have numerous nutritional benefits but they also play a role in weight management.

It’s time to get started it

Set your weight loss goal

Setting goals and monitoring your progress will ensure a greater degree of success. Whether you want to fit into those size 8 jeans, have a 32-inch waist, or a BMI of 24, it's important to have a goal so you can appropriately plan and track your success.

Goals will vary greatly from one person to another. Maybe you're happy with your weight but want to turn some of that flab into muscle. Maybe your doctor has given you orders to lose 30 pounds. There are many tools for determining your body's need for weight optimization, from stepping on the scale to elaborate computerized fat percentage measurement machines. Whatever tool you choose, set a firm weight-loss goal! Believe that you can do this... because you CAN!

One very popular and useful measurement used by health professionals world-wide is "Body Mass Index" (BMI). The BMI takes into consideration both your height and your weight and uses a classification that correlates well with general health risk factors and longevity.


Capture your progress with before, during, and after pictures.

They are a great motivator as you go through your weight loss journey and watch your body transform.

Mark your starting weight and waist size and other body measurements using the MiForm Progress Tracker sheet included in the back of this booklet. If you are so inclined, you can add in neck, chest, arm, hip and thigh circumferences, body fat percentage, or other measurements you can consistently document. Blood pressure and heart rate are also very good tools that reflect your general health.


Start the MiForm Transformation Phase and achieve your weight loss goal!

Getting Started Tips

  • Buddy up for fun, encouragement and motivation! Get a weight-loss partner. Losing weight when you have someone else to compete with, will give you extra motivation. Plus, the support you can offer each other will help you to stay on track.
  • Take full advantage of the support system MiForm offers by logging into to your Immunotec Business or Customer Center.
  • Keep a daily log of what you eat and your exercise activity. This way you can actually see what works best for you for optimal weight loss. See the MiForm Daily Log form at the back of this booklet.
  • Stay positive and keep believing in yourself. You have the power to make changes
    in your life!
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