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Immunotec Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan

Income disclosure statement

The typical Canadian Consultant in 2016 earned $123 in commissions, excluding retail profit.

Typical earnings are calculated by taking the average earnings of a rank, or ranks, that represent at least 50% of the total number of Canadian Consultants in the company, which at Immunotec, is the Venture rank whether or not they received commissions.

See Immunotec's U.S. Income Disclosure Statement for fiscal year 2016.

Seven ways to earn with your new home-based business

  • 1. Retail profit

    Retail profit is the difference between a Consultant's discount and the retail price of products. You earn retail profit when:

    • You purchase products and sell them directly to your Customers at the retail price
    • Your Customers order through your Consultant Website or directly from Immunotec
  • 2. Customer AutoShip wholesale profit

    Customers on AutoShip receive a discount on their product purchases. You earn wholesale profit on their monthly orders.

  • 3. Customer Bonus

    The Customer Bonus rewards you based on the amount of Customer Sales Volume (CSV) you accumulate. CSV is the total volume purchased directly from Immunotec by your first level Customers.

  • 4. Business Builder Bonus

    The Business Builder Bonus rewards you for helping personally sponsored Consultants sell products to their Customers.

  • 5. Residual commissions and rank advancement

    In addition to income generated through your personal Customer base, you earn residual commissions based on the Customer sales made by your distribution network. Residual commissions provide rewards for Consultants who move up in leadership rank through product sales and help others grow their own Immunotec businesses.

  • 6. Moving Up Bonus and Accelerated Moving Up Bonus

    You can earn Moving Up Bonuses for selling products and helping others sell products to their Customers. These bonuses are paid each time you advance to a higher rank and maintain that rank in the following months. The Moving Up Bonus rewards you for moving up to a new rank at any time. The Accelerated Moving Up Bonus rewards you even more for moving up to a new rank within a specific time period.

  • 7. Upline Moving Up Bonus and Accelerated Upline Moving Up Bonus

    Immunotec recognizes the efforts of leadership and the upline Consultants who teach, inspire, and support their Consultants to move up in rank by selling products and helping others do the same. The Upline Moving Up Bonus and Accelerated Upline Moving Up Bonus rewards you for these efforts.

There are three ways to get started with Immunotec

1Shop online from the full range of Immunotec's science-based health, wellness, performance, and skin care products.


2Become a preferred customer and enjoy discounted prices plus the convenience of automatic monthly delivery.


3Become a Consultant and build your own home-based business. We'll be there to help you every step of the way.